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Board of Health

The Bullitt County Board of Health oversees the operations of the Bullitt County Health Department. The Board approves budgets, recommends and approves policies, and provides oversight of health department functions. The Board strives to ensure that the services provided by the health department best meet the needs of the citizens of Bullitt County. The Board of Health is comprised of twelve members of the community and meets quarterly.

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Dr. Samuel Hargus, OD - Chairman

Robert McDade, D.M.D. - Vice Chairman

Robert Flaherty - Secretary/Treasurer

Praveen Arla, MD

Charles Ballard

Margaret Beeler

Christine Albert Carnes, D.V.M.

Stacy Girtley, RN

Sarah R. Hart. MD

Casey M. Lewis, MD

Raymond "Butch" Meyer, P.E.

Judge Jerry Summers

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