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Food Managers/Handlers Information

Mandatory Food Handler & Food Manager Training (Regulation NO. 2015-01)

As some of you may already know, as of August 11, 2015, the Bullitt County Board of Health adopted Regulation No. 2015-01, which requires mandatory training of food managers and food handlers.  Below outlines the basic requirements for both food manager and food handler training as it relates to this regulation. 

Food Handler Training:  All food handlers are required to pass an examination every three (3) years provided by the health department pertaining to knowledge of basic food preparation procedures relevant to the prevention of foodborne illnesses.  Food handlers can complete this required online course using the instructions provided below.  Upon course completion, a printed certificate shall be kept onsite and available for the Health Department Environmentalist if asked.  If someone cannot complete the online course, additional arrangements may be made by contacting the Health Department Environmental Section. Please see below for training information.

Food Manager Training:  All food service establishments in Bullitt County must now have at least one Certified Manager on duty during normal business hours. Please call 502-955-7867 to obtain more information.

A copy of Regulation No. 2015-01, a copy of the training fee schedule, penalty scale, and directions on how to access the online food handler training can be found here.  Compliance with this regulation will be checked during your routine food service inspections at least twice a year.  This Regulation shall take effect on October 1, 2015. Reasonable time limits will be allowed for program implementation and compliance with this regulation.


For any additional questions, please contact the Environmental Office at (502)-955-7867. 

Food Manager Training

In Bullitt County, food managers are required to possess a comprehensive understanding of food service operations and oversee staff handling food safely. This essential training program delves into advanced safety protocols tailored for food managers, culminating in the attainment of a Bullitt County Certified Food Manager certificate upon successful completion of the exam. Recognized as the sole approved course within the county, it equips participants with the necessary expertise to effectively manage food safety in retail establishments. By the program's conclusion, participants gain proficiency in a range of crucial areas, including:

  • Training staff on food safety policies.

  • Responding appropriately to foodborne illness symptoms

  • Upholding stringent personal hygiene standards

  • Assessing approved suppliers and deliveries

  • Mitigating cross-contamination risks

  • Implementing robust cleaning and sanitization practices

  • Identifying and addressing pest infestations

  • Ensuring the safety of Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods

  • Maintaining facility and equipment compliance with regulations.


Click the image below to start training.


Food Handlers Training

Instructions for Online Food Handlers Course


  1. Get on the internet.

  2. Clear all browser history.

  3. Go to

  4. Follow instructions to create a new account.

  5. Click on Create Account.

  6. After your account has been created, enter your Login Name and Password.

  7. Click on the Course Search.

  8. Click on left hand side > by Course ID and enter Course ID 1059452.

  9. Scroll down and select Bullitt County Health Department Food Handler Module.

  10. Go to Course Details click Registration then click Launch.

  11. After you have successfully completed your test. Click on Quit.

  12. Click on Home to return to the home page.

  13. You must complete the Course Evaluation and Assessment prior to printing the certificate.

  14. Click on Certificates located under My Learning Record.

  15. Click on the Bullitt County Health Department Food Handler Module to print your certificate. The certificate shows that you have successfully completed the course. A copy of the certificate shall be kept onsite.

Food Handlers Training: Set-up an online Account flyer.
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